Department Of Social Sciences and Humanities - IIIT Delhi

Manohar Khushalani

Assistant Professor

Manohar Khushalani, a Visiting Professor at IIIT, Delhi. The courses he teaches are: Animation & Graphics, Film Making Radio Podcasting and Theatre Appreciation. He has won Excellence in Teaching awards for all the courses he has taught at IIITD. Overall he has received 9 teaching excellence awards. Received Awards at Khajuraho International Film Festival 2017 ; 2018. The 2018 Pride of Asia Lifetime Achievement Award , Bangkok. Natsamrat Best Theatre Critic 2019 He runs One Vorld a Portal on Environment and Water, and StageBuzz, Ezine on Theatre Culture, Author of Irrigation Practice ; Design (5 Volumes - 1500 pages) published by Oxford IBH and sponsored by National Book Trust. Has been a Columnist with Midday and Pioneer. Currently he writes for IIC Diary Was Director, National Water Academy, Director, Environment Management Directorate, CWC, Member Secretary, National Environmental Monitoring Committee for River Valley Projects. Was Director of Instrumentation in the Dam Safety Organisation. Was Head of Water Resources at Scott Wilson. Conducted Film Pedagogy / Theatre / Management Games Workshops with innumerable Institutions, Film & Theatre Festivals. Has long term association with National Radio & TV. Is on various committees. Has been a panelist in numerous talk shows on Water, Environment & Science on most major Channels Civil Engineering from BITS Pilani. Has done courses on Finite Element analysis from IIT, Delhi. Course on Film Appreciation from Film and Television Institute, Pune. Studied Visual Basic at STG, Management Development at NWA, Pune. Learnt to be a Trainer in Theatre & Culture of Civilisation, from UNESCO International Theatre Institute, Studied Programming in Fortran and Design of Hydraulic Gates from CWC.