Full Time Faculty

Dr. Manohar Kumar
Head, Assistant Professor
Room No. B-207
(R & D Block)
manohar.kumar @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 557

Ethics of digital dissent, digital citizenship, whistleblowing, civil disobedience, secrecy, and epistemic injustice.

Dr. Aasim Khan
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-202
(R & D Block)
aasim @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 463

Public sphere, Digital Citizenship and Civic Media in India

Dr. Gaurav Arora
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-206
(R & D Block)
gaurav @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 547

Natural Resource & Agricultural Economics, Ecological Economics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Applied Game Theory, Spatial Analyses, Remote Sensing

Dr. Kiriti Kanjilal
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-208
(R & D Block)
kanjilal @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 558

Microeconomics, game theory, industrial organization, environmental economics and behavioral economics

Dr. Paro Mishra
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-209
(R & D Block)
paro.mishra @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 570

Demographic Anthropology, Family and Kinship, Transnationalism, Gender and Technology and Media Representation

Dr. Rakesh Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-205
(R & D Block)
rakesh @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 535

Communication and Cooperation in Games, Political Economy and Market Design

Dr. Sonia Baloni Ray
Assistant Professor
Room No. B-210
(R & D Block)
sonia @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 424

Role of attention in visual processing, studying mechanisms of emotion and motion perception

Dr. Venkata Ratnadeep Suri
Assistant Professor (SSH)
Room No. B-204
(R & D Block)
ratan.suri @iiitd.ac.in
011 26907 445

Knowledge work contexts, health contexts, information seeking, and the cognition of information