Department of Social Sciences and Humanities - IIIT Delhi

Gaurav Arora

Associate Professor

Gaurav Arora is an applied microeconomist with specialization in natural resource economics, agricultural economics, applied econometrics and remote sensing. As an empiricist, he enjoys developing and applying econometric models to tease out causal mechanisms that are rooted in the microeconomic theory for decision problems at the intersection of agricultural production and natural resource management. As for  research outlook, he is keenly interested in the integration of social sciences and natural sciences, more particularly economics among the social science disciplines, and agronomy and earth sciences among the natural science disciplines. He is a recipient of the Faculty Research Fellowship (2020-2022) at IIIT-Delhi; the James R. Prescott scholarship (2016) for outstanding creativity in research at Iowa State University (ISU); and the Earl O. Heady Fellowship (2012) for academic excellence at ISU. Prior to obtaining his PhD in Economics from ISU, he completed M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Arizona, and Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

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