Econometrics Lab

The Econometrics Lab is a computing environment for faculty and students of IIIT- Delhi. The lab is meant to provide instruction in econometric methods and applications at undergraduate and graduate level, and to provide infrastructure for applied economics researchers who work with data and use tools like econometric modeling, spatial analysis, and satellite image processing.


  • R studio
  • Stata
  • SAS
  • ArcGIS
  • RDAS Imagine

Game Theory Lab

"The Game Theory and Market Design Lab was set up for research in decision sciences, behavioural economics and game theory. It supports computational research that makes use of mathematical and statistical modelling software, as well as experimental research that is directed towards studying behaviour. The goal is to design experiments that simulate actual decision and game situations, and inevitably involve human subjects who make choices on computer systems that are connected to a network. For more details or interest in potential collaboration, please contact: Kiriti Kanjilal

The Academic Writing Lab

The Academic Writing Lab is an important constituent of IIIT Delhi and is housed in the writing lab within the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). It will primarily provide writing assistance to all University divisions, schools, and academic and administrative programs. The program designs credit and non- credit, and studio courses, seminars, workshops, workshop series. The lab will also provide training in writing pedagogy, individual tutoring for undergraduates and graduate students, and consultations with faculty and staff on the writing needs of specific individuals, departments, programs, and media outreach.

Located in the heart of India's capital, the department serves as a hub for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and regularly hosts seminars, public talks and research related events at IIIT Delhi. It addresses the educational needs we are likely to see in the future with even more convergence of Computer Science with social systems and an increasing role for the social sciences and the humanities in technology and business solutions. At the same time, the increasing role Computer Science will play in addressing society's problems, as well as answering the human questions posed by social scientists, will lead to an increase in demand for Computer Science experts who are well versed in the social sciences and also of social scientists who understand computing and Computer Science and apply them innovatively to solve problems in their own domain. The SSH department at IIIT Delhi would seek to bridge the disciplinary boundaries that exist between various Computer Science and social science streams and develop a cross -disciplinary research and teaching agenda that is forward looking and cutting edge in technology education.

Coordinator: Dr Payel Chattopadhyay Mukherjee

Cognitive Science Lab

Cognitive Science is the study of the mind and intelligence, and shares rich interdisciplinarity across Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Education and Media Studies. The overarching goals of Cognitive Science is to understand and model the mind and its processes like attention, memory, executive functions by utilizing ideas and approaches from these complementary disciplines.

The Cognitive Science Division within the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at IIIT-D comprises faculties with backgrounds in Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience and Media Psychology. Present areas of research in the Cognitive Science Lab include Visual Attention and Perception, Social and Affective Cognition, and the processing of media messages.

We employ psychophysical and neurophysiological methodologies for experimentation. Presently the lab is equipped with an eye-tracker, which is being used to record gaze positions and pupil diameter, while participants are performing various cognitive behavioral tasks.