B.Tech Computer Science and Social Sciences (CSSS)

This unique B.Tech in Computer Science (CS) and Social Sciences (SS), aims to develop CS knowledge and expertise in students, with a strong input from relevant social science disciplines. As a 4 year program, the B.Tech (CSSS) will satisfy the requirements of almost all higher studies programs in India as well as overseas. It may be an ideal program for those students who are not sure if they want to pursue engineering careers and would like to explore the possibility of going for social sciences later but want to be ready to take an CS career if desired.

The program is designed to satisfy the requirements of a B.Tech (CS) program, as well as the requirements of a BA program in Social Sciences. For the Social Science part, we have designed our program along the lines of a BA (Hon) in SSH program. The B.Tech in CS and SS program offers core courses, which include foundation courses in social sciences as well. The student is then required to do three streams of 4 courses each with one stream being CS and the other two from different areas of Social Sciences. For further details here (connecting to this B.Tech CSSS webpage )

B.Tech (Minor) in Economics

A B.Tech student can earn a minor certification in economics by completing a total of 20 credits from economics courses. Of these, 16 credits must be earned by completing regular courses while the remaining 4 credits may be earned either by completing additional coursework or by completing independent study (IS), undergraduate research (UR) or independent project (IP). The minor program is designed to impart basic training in microeconomics, game theory, and econometrics. Students interested in specific areas of interest for which a formal course is not offered may opt for independent study with individual faculty.

More details on the Minor program in Economics can be found Here

Minor in Entrepreneurship

A B.Tech. student can earn a minor certification in entrepreneurship by completing a total of 24 credits from entrepreneurship courses. Of these, 16 credits should be earned from core courses, 4 credits from elective courses and the remaining 4 credits from a BTP (details on BTP are provided later in this document). In addition students need to do a mandatory apprenticeship at a Startup in the Summer term. The minor program is designed to provide students with a basic training in entrepreneurship and to nudge them towards entrepreneurial ventures and incubation.

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